Call me PD*.

2Stroke is an old friend of mine. Very old, in fact. His daughter, 4Stroke (because she’s quieter and less polluting),  got in touch with me earlier this year and said that her dad wanted to commune with his hairy, wild cousins who live in the  jungles of Borneo on his 60th birthday, and was I interested in joining the party?

I confess I wasn’t aware of 2Stroke’s close relationship to orang-utans (although it explains a few things I had wondered about over the years, such as his generally hirsute appearance and his extreme fondness for bananas). Anyway, it sounded good to me, especially as I’m already in the neighbourhood. In fact, if I head down to the beach and swim south-east for a thousand kilometres or so I’ll be there.

So, after a number of emails between 2Stroke, his less hairy relatives and friends and myself, the trip quickly gelled. We’re going to Sabah in January, to the tropical city of Kota Kinabalu. While the more sensible members of the group lie around in hammocks under palm trees sipping on piña coladas, four of us – 2Stroke, 4Stroke, Karaoke and me – will attempt to hike up Mount Kinabalu.

Hence this blog.

In the following entries I’ll cover planning and preparation for the trip plus other items of interest regarding Mt Kinabalu and surrounds. And, of course, the climb itself.

* It’s a Hash** name, and as such it’s rude and insulting. Please don’t ask what PD stands for. I’d have to tell you and post a picture and then we’d both be embarrassed. In fact, all the principal characters here are Hashers, which explains the use of strange nicknames.

** Hash House Harriers. 2Stroke and I coincidentally discovered Hashing independently of each other.

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