The story so far…

At the end of August 4Stroke got back to us. She had checked around and decided to go through Amazing Borneo for the climb. She did a good job choosing Amazing Borneo. They offer one of the more expensive packages but they have fewer complaints and more compliments than any other Mount Kinabalu tour company.

My initial reaction was that at nearly US$400 a person somebody’s making a lot of money out of this deal. After some thought (and research), I decided that the price is actually pretty good value. Visiting climbers are the main source of income for Kinabalu National Park and the cost of keeping it running – staff overheads, trail maintenance, cleaning up, etc – must be rather high. The only way to drop the price is to allow more climbers and that would rather spoil the experience.

The price, by the way, includes meals for the two days, overnight accommodation at Laban Rata Resthouse, fees, charges, permits, mountain guide and transport between Kota Kinabalu City and the Mount Kinabalu Park.


Mt Kinabalu view from Kundasan” Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

Anyway, it was about then that I started seriously researching and training for the climb. As I digitally wandered around the Intertubes I collected pictures, links and random quotes as well as checking out hiking gear. I started keeping a few notes of my own, since I can be a bit scatterbrained at times. After a week or two I thought I may as well share my findings with the rest of the Kinabalu group. I started an informal weekly newsletter just to share what I’ve discovered and after newsletter number four I realised that it might be useful to make this available generally.

Once again, hence this blog.

The next few blog entries are mainly from emails I’ve already sent. I’ll be sprinkling it with quotes from other people’s Mount Kinabalu climbing stories as well as pictures if I can get permission to post them.

One more thing. I’m a relative newbie at hiking and trekking, so a lot of what I write about will be obvious to those with experience. I’m likely to get a few things wrong since I’m writing about stuff that I have no experience with.

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