Within days of 4Stroke making the bookings with Amazing Borneo, we had all paid our deposits as well as purchasing our air tickets – me from Vietnam and the others from the wilds of the Northern Territory. We’ll be meeting up in Kota Kinabalu in January.

There are a few things worth thinking about. This is a major physical undertaking and new to all four of us. I’m (just) into my sixties. 2Stroke will be in his fifties when we climb but will age very rapidly and will make the descent in his sixties. Karaoke is slightly younger, in his fifties, and 4Stroke… well, she’s still a pup.

Not everybody who starts the climb makes it to the top. Weather is a major factor – if it turns nasty the climb gets cancelled for safety reasons. No refund either. Altitude sickness affects almost everybody, but if it gets too severe you have to stop and go back down. Some people just give up because of exhaustion. You don’t need to be superfit to get to the top but it sure doesn’t hurt.

It’s important to be mentally and physically prepared before you start. The right gear, fitness and attitude all play a part. This is what I’ll be working on for the next three months.


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